Plays & Sings Torch'd Songs, Charivari Hymns & Oriki Blue​-​Marches

by Chris Lee



released September 11, 2001


Produced by Steve Shelley & CL
Words & Music by CL (c) Carolina Songcorp (bmi)
Except "On The Beach" by Neil Young

"City Woman", "In Yellow Moonlight", "Mount Venus", "On the Beach" & "To Be Known" recorded and mixed by Aaron Mullan at Manning Electric, NYC
"Lonesome Eyes" recorded by Aaron Mullan & mixed by John Siket at Manning Electric, NYC
"Slow as the Sun" and "The Politics of Sway" recorded & mixed by Doug Easley & Stuart Sikes at Easley-McCain, Memphis, TN

Played by Steve Shelley (drums) Jeremy Wilms (bass, guitar, keyboards) Andrew Burnes (bass, guitar) Aaron Johnson (trombone) Jordan McLean (trumpet) Doug Easley (pedal steel) Smokey Hormel (guitar) & CL (guitar, voice, etc)

Photography by Julie Ann Bleha & CL


all rights reserved



Chris Lee New York

Chris Lee is a Brooklyn-based, North Carolina-born singer-songwriter. He has released four albums and performed throughout the US and Europe.

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Track Name: Lonesome Eyes
I need a hog between my thighs
A steed of steel to share the ride
The open road sings threnodees
A million cities singing out their siren melodees

Trying to blind my lonesome eyes

We're star-cross'd lovers to a "T"
So let's just call the whole thing off
E.g., we both worship D&G
But you're a fashionista
And I'm a philosophe

Trying to hide my lonesome eyes

Breaking open wide this little heart of mine
Breaking open wide this big heart of mine
Track Name: City Woman
City woman, like a machine
You don't know the trouble she seen
City sirens making the scene
Broken belles and elegantines

And the subway's teeming with queens tonight

My Madonna, how does it feel
To have every heart you can steal?
Every ankle, every blush
Every eyelash causes a crush

Hungry sighs and heavenly thighs for miles

Little angel say it ain't so
Say you never treated me so
What would ever make me believe
You would ever boogie with me?
(Would you ever boogie with me?)

My beloved city woman
Will I ever know your name?
Say, can you see some other way?
Lord it's too late
Track Name: In Yellow Moonlight
I am a songbird at war
Slinging my bodies like a whore
A yellow woman, a frozen star, that's all
Lost in the forest of a song

Maybe I need more
Maybe for sure

I am a-feeling home (southern) grown
Longing the humid sound of home
In yellow moonlight, greater stars will fall
for vibrations bright and strong

Track Name: Slow as the Sun
Slow as the sun
She sails on
Not even a sign
To pin hopes on

All my life I've been waiting for the day
I'll wake up and stop living this way

Seasons roll by
Half lives lived
Still she makes me wait
For what she never gives

All my life I've been waiting for the day
She'll wake up and start looking this way

All my shame is washing away
Waiting by the phone everyday
Everybody loves in their own way
And I'm afraid that mine is here to stay

Slow as the sun
She sails on
Not even a sign
To pin hopes on

All my life I've been waiting for the day
She'll wake up and stop living this way

Track Name: Mount Venus
I don't want to come down
I don't want to silence my sound
Even if I know she'll never come around
She's a revolution that would make Copernicus smile
Such a revelation to my lonesome eyes

She's the one who makes me come undone
She's a billion suns
She don't need anyone
She is a holy war worth fighting for
She is a billion suns at once

Mississippi visions
Calling Carolina minds
Running like a river, slightly out of time
Her beauty is a black bear
Her beauty is a mountain of light
Her beauty is the one thing I can know tonight


A Venus in her stride
Is like an eagle's glide
To see it makes me right inside
My heart explodes in rhyme
She slays me every time
A walking tremor of sublime

She shines so hard
Track Name: The Politics of Sway
Breathe slow
Sing like a bird who would know

Highway space and the politics of sway

Holy circuitry
done gone wrong

So long since I had faith in a song
Track Name: To Be Known
She whispers like angels
She sits upon thrones
She makes me play these wild and senseless games
She makes me play the Dane

And to bring her home
Gonna sell my weak and lonesome soul
To be known

Cause she's my religion
Cause she bangs my drum
I'm gonna play these wild and senseless games
I'm gonna play the Dane


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