Cool Rock

by Chris Lee



released June 3, 2003


Words & Music by CL (c) Carolina Songcorp (bmi)
Except "Nobody Cares For Me" by John S. Hurt

Recorded by Matt Verta-Ray, Nicholas Marantz & Mark Nevers
Mixed by Mark Nevers
Mastered by Jim Demain

Played by Greg Gonzalez (drums) Steve Shelley (drums) Jeremy Wilms (bass, horn arrangement) Yusuke Yamamoto (vibraphone) Stuart Bogie (tenor sax) Aaron Johnson (trombone) Jordan McLean (trumpet) Nicholas Marantz (keyboards, electronics) & CL (guitar, voice, etc)

Photography by Julie Ann Bleha
Design finesse by Tifenn Aubert


all rights reserved



Chris Lee New York

Chris Lee is a Brooklyn-based, North Carolina-born singer-songwriter. He has released four albums and performed throughout the US and Europe.

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Track Name: Cossacks of Love
I don't think I'm brave enough
To run with the serious cossacks of love
But you move like a cavalry
And I have no choice but to sign myself up

My heart beats crazy
My heart was born to break
My heart don't stand a chance
But that's a chance I have to take

I'm running running running
I know your love is coming

You run with ungentlemen
All of them tedious gangsters of love
And the ways that you wrangle them
Make me delerious
Enough is enough

My heart beats crazy
My heart was born to break
My heart don't stand a chance
But that's a chance I have to take


You've teased my soul so long
My love's a thousand stories long
Bleary-eyed and blushing
My blood's a river rushing

My heart beats crazy
My heart was born to break
My heart don't stand a chance
But that's a chance I was born to take

Track Name: Sail On
Blackstone rangers circling 'round
Pretty strangers getting down
Golden lessons are learning themselves this evening
Fauban fables exploding new
Beating hearts and they're bleeding blue
Stolen questions that I never knew we'd rescue

And we sail on

So where did all the Dan Penns go?
And who am I to think I'd know?
A Southern cipher or merely a backseat driver?
The favorite suns must be setting soon
Running scared to the classic tune
Of broken cycles a-chiming in time and season

Track Name: (I Was a Teenage) Symphony to God
An ocean swell immersed me well
And voices massed to cast a spell
Step by step I struck the keys
Unveiling holy harmonee

I was the soul of a nation who's gone mad
I was a teenage symphony to God

Around me mad vibrations swirled
The dumbest angel in the world
The feels flowed, the mouths were fed
My fragile soul was left for bled


The devil's choir is in my head
It sings me deeper into bed
And day to day I'm haunted by
The spectors deep inside my mind

Track Name: Lately I Want You
Never thought to treat you fine
Never cared when you were mine
But lately I want you
Mama I need you

Funny how you think you know
Thought that I could let you go
But lately I want you
Mama I need you

Now desperate visions bury me alive
Lying wild awake in bed
Lately I want you
Mama I need you

Stars between the evergreens
Make me wonder eveything
Make me want to stomp and sing
Lately I want you
Mama I need you
Track Name: Bronx Science (Julie Ann)
Julie Ann, Julie Ann
She's my sweet physician
You've got to understand
Julie Ann, Julie Ann
Found my true religion
In the city's desert sand

She's my secret mission
My Yankee belle
I never knew I needed someone else until I fell
into the arms of my Julie Ann


My sacred heart is in her hands
Her every whim is my command
Understand I'm your man

Track Name: Understand (I'm Your Man)
Swearing by the wildest notion
That you and I are supposed to be
I'm revelling in blind emotion
Knowing you will come to see

I'm doing everything I can
To make you understand
I'm your man

These reveilles of love I'm blaring
Won't be wasted melodees
The stations of the cross I'm bearing
Are frequencies I'm bound to reach


I never thought that I'd be feeling so divine
With just the thought of making you mine
The chase is everything, no matter what it brings
And I won't stop 'til every soul sings

Track Name: Say it Ain't Soul
Well it ain't rock and roll
That story's been sold
I don't believe in blue eyes
Just in rusty-red heart's cries

I'm just a man who sings what I know
Say it ain't soul

When the music was bold
Every boy could spin gold
Now the Emporer's clothes
Lie crumpled in the backseat of some '76 Olds


I'm dying to know:
Who are you to say it ain't soul?
I'm not a man who sings what I'm told
Say it ain't soul
How would you even know?
Say it ain't soul

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